Ange wants to lecture Squirrel, but he learns much more than he was willing to hear about the sexual preferences of some inhabitants of the Domain …

Angel: Squirrel, I was looking for you, do you have a minute?

Squirrel: of course, Angel! I’m looking for the acorns I buried here a few months ago, but you can talk to me at the same time, I know how to multitask.

Angel: are you sure? Perhaps that’s why you forget where you put your things?

Squirrel: did you come to lecture me?

Angel: well yes, somehow, but not on this subject though. The Green Berries say you have children with male squirrels but you get rid of him afterward. I know it’s yours habits, you female squirrels, but I’d be grateful if you could keep them for you. You spread disturbing ideas.

Squirrel: Angel, you have no sex and no emotions, what do you meddle with that? If the Green Berries find their happiness by living without attachment, why should you be offended?

Angel: unlike you, they are programmed to be with one partner only.

Squirrel: I think they decided they didn’t like it. Being alive means being able to make choices. Why should the humans be the only ones able to  do it?

Angel: these are complicated theological discussions, Squirrel, do you really want us to talk about them?

Squirrel: yes, of course, do you think I’m stupid?

Angel: not at all, not at all, but I didn’t expect my visit to take us there.

Squirrel: you cannot answer, maybe …

Angel: freewill was given to humans to test their faith. The rest of creation didn’t have it, as it simplified everything for them.

Squirrel: so there must have been a bug in the program, or God changed his mind and he didn’t tell you.

Angel: it’s true that I didn’t attend the last few meetings …

Squirrel: does it mean you talk to us based on dated principles ?!

Angel: ethics shouldn’t change, should it?

Squirrel: you better ask the other angels what’s new! What did you say to the Deers?

Angel: about their nightly excursions to the garden of the Manor? I made them feel guilty.

Squirrel: it didn’t work, I can tell you, but I was talking about the fact that they live together!

Angel: they live together!? What do you mean?

Squirrel: they’re gays, don’t tell me you didn’t know!

Angel: gays !? They’re always together but to insinuate more, it’s a stretch. Squirrel, you spread rumors and it isn’t good.

Squirrel: rumors! You never saw how they look to each other? Heard how they talk to each other? I thought you had the gift of clairvoyance

Angel: no, it is a gift reserved to God!

Squirrel: in any case, in matters of the heart, you are naive and it may be to your honor, but it doesn’t allow you to judge others. What would you tell me if I confess that I prefer female squirrels to male squirrels?

Angel: but why? And why do you frequent male squirrels in this case?

Squirrel: that’s what I thought, you have no idea about sexuality and desire! Do you know that Snake is hermaphrodite?

Ange: Squirrel, you ruin my innocence and you’re making my wings fall! I wonder how I’ll get over it!

Squirrel: you’ll get over it, Angel, you’ll get over it. It’s time you lose your virginity, and by the way, you really have to go to all the divine meetings.

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