Bird: he, Stick, you’re back! We haven’t seen you in the Domain for ages!

Stick: I know, I know, I was quite busy.

Bird: You mean, you were spending your time with Baguette?

Stick: yes, that’s right, but I didn’t forget my friends, and I’m back!

Bird: did you have a fight?

Stick: no, not at all, we have different work schedules, so I found time to come here.

Bird: do you have new questions?

Stick: Bird, you’re making fun of me but yes, I have questions: how are you, and how is Heron?

Bird: these are new questions that I like. You have changed. You care about others.

Stick: didn’t you think we were friends?

Bird: I didn’t know. Only time and attentions prove it, and that’s why I like your questions. To answer them, I run all over the place to feed my little family that has just grown by three chicks, but it keeps me in shape and Birdee helps me a lot, so everything is fine. As for Heron, he is back and he is in love.

Stick: he’s in love, that’s good news. How is she?

Bird: I don’t know, he came back without her.

Stick: like me today! So what does he say?

Bird: he is worried about whether it was a good idea to come back alone and if she’ll come and join him. He walks in the forest to go and see Woman-tree, he asks me for advice, you wouldn’t recognize him.

Stick: is he okay?

Bird: yes, he found what he needed, but he doesn’t know it yet and he’ll have to make choices. That’s what he is starting to realize.

Stick: these are choices that will become evident with time, but he should talk about them with her.

Bird: oh, he does, don’t worry, that’s why I think he’ll be fine, but he’ll probably be around a lot less than before.

Stick: like me! Life brings welcome changes when they are expected, I can tell you that, even if for some they are not necessarily pleasant since they see us a lot less.

Bird: I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t rejoice in your happiness and if I didn’t accept that you live differently now that you found what you were looking for. I’m sure Heron thinks like me.

Stick: it’s to this benevolence that one recognizes true friends. The others, those who complain, were friends only for their own interest. But while I think about it, let me congratulate you for your children. I’m very happy for you.

Bird: ho, you know, for birds, it’s an annual event. We’re used to it. In a few months ,they’ll have left the nest and we won’t see them again.

Stick: then the difference with friends is that even when they are living far away, they’ll always come back!

Bird: and they’ll always be welcome!

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