Heron worries about the possible failure of his sexual activities with Heronnee and seeks advice from Rabbit. What he gets is surely not what he expected, but it seems wise nevertheless.

Heron: Rabbit, I’d like to ask you something, but it’s a little tricky …

Rabbit: Heron, what a surprise! Since you’re in love, you travel a lot! What do you want to know?

Heron: well, you know that Heronnee is younger than me and that she comes from the south …

Rabbit: yes, that’s what I heard …

Heron: and you have the reputation of …, I mean, you have many children …

Rabbit: yes?

Heron: you … how do you do it?

Rabbit: well, like everyone else I guess, I’m mating. What’s special about that?

Heron: how do you copulate so often? Don’t you ever fail?

Rabbit: do you try to tell me you have trouble getting an erection?

Heron: no, us herons don’t have a penis, the problem is not there.

Rabbit: so where is it?

Heron: I wonder if my desire will always be strong enough to satisfy Héronnee, and how you maintain it day after day …

Rabbit: Heron, you make me laugh, but be reassured. As far as I’m concerned, day after day, it’s a myth,  but in any case I never ask myself whether I’ll succeed or not, I just follow my desires and those of my partner and there’s no problem. When you are with Heronnee, do the same thing without asking yourself too many questions. Questions are your problem.

Heron: actually, I don’t have any problem and I do what you describe with Héronnee, but I try to anticipate the future.

Rabbit: well, rest assured, the future will be like the present if you take care of yourself and your relationship.

Heron: what do you mean?

Rabbit: do like I do, run and jump and eat well, it will keep you in shape and you’ll see that everything will be fine. In your case, instead of sitting for hours on the edge of the pond, fly a little more and send nice letters to Héronne.

Heron: but the fish and frogs that I have to catch?

Rabbit: I thought Stick was feeding you?

Heron: he did it, but since he is with Wand, he doesn’t come here often.

Rabbit: so try to add a vegetarian diet to your menu, it will be easier and you’ll even feel better.

Rabbit: that’s the best you can do. Take life on the right side, take care of your mate, and it will make her happy.

your advice is unexpected, but precious!

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