Stick is back in the Domain to invite Woman-tree for dinner at his home, and have her meet Wand; it gives them a chance to remember the past, and give some meaning to the passing time.

Woman-tree: Stick, what a wonderful surprise, are you back ?!

Stick: just for an hour, and I already saw Bird who told me Heron has met someone …

Woman-tree: yes, that’s right, he even came to me for advice, as you used to do.

Stick: so he is probably feeling better now! Do you know I talked a lot about you to Wand?

Woman-tree: ah, this famous Wand! Will I see her here one day? So I could meet her?

Stick: I don’t know if she’ll come, she has her secret garden and I have mine, but she’d love to meet you, and that’s part of what brings me here. Do you want to come to our house on Saturday? There will be pure water and natural organic elements.

Woman-tree: you know I have trouble moving.

Stick: I’ll come and get you, don’t worry. Our house is on the ground floor, so there won’t be any stairs to climb.

Woman-tree: in this case, I accept with pleasure. Do you eat organic now?

Stick: yes, it’s Wand’s idea.

Woman-tree: I should probably switch to it myself if it could make me lose some weight. When I was young, I didn’t bother about my food because I was only interested in love, but it’s coming back to me now.

Stick: try it, you’ll see, you’ll feel a lot better. Provided you don’t snack between meals,  of course!

Woman-tree: Stick, your change is a pleasure to see.

Stick: it’s mainly Wand’s work.

Woman-tree: I don’t doubt it! You were wrong to be afraid it wouldn’t work with her, it was undermining you.

Stick: I wasn’t sure my feelings were reciprocal.

Woman-tree: yet when they run deep, they always are, believe me. It isn’t easy to make sure of it, but there’s something in us that knows better than us to do what it takes to make it happen.

Stick: but if it’s the case for everyone, why are you still alone?

Woman-tree: it took me a long time to get wise, and when I reached this point, I didn’t want to share my life  anymore, I preferred to help others. I realized it was always what I had done, in fact, but I didn’t know it was my true way. I thought I wanted something else.

Stick: so we can sometimes be mistaken about ourselves?

Woman-tree: yes, sure, that’s why you need time to see whether you are right or not. That’s the long and difficult  part of it, but if you believe you’re right against all odds, then you surely are, and things will eventually go your way.

Stick: that’s what happened, but it wasn’t easy.

Woman-tree: doesn’t the end justify the means?

Stick: it does, big time!

Woman-tree: see! I guess I won’t have to advise you anymore.

Stick we’ll have to find other reasons to see each other, then. Or maybe there will be other things to discuss?

Woman-tree: are you going to get married?

Stick: he, that’s what we wanted to tell you on Saturday!

Woman-tree: then I’ll pretend I don’t know.

Stick: no, never mind, I’m not going to hide from Wand that you guessed.

Woman-tree: you’re right, the less secrets there are, the better.

Stick one more of your advice? See, we are far from finished!

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