After the Pope claimed that the first fake news was in the biblical story of temptation, Goose and Hawk ask Snake what he thinks about it. They are in for a surprise! (ref:

Hawk: hi Goose, nice to see you again! You brought us a guest today, how are you, Snake?
Snake: very well, Hawk, and it’s an honor to be with you on the set.
Hawk: tell us, Goose, why is Snake with us today, and what news caught your attention this week?
Goose: first, Hawk, know that it’s nice for me to see you again, too, and that I am pleased to be back to the Spaces. To answer your question, I found an article in which the Pope claimed that the first fake news was the story Snake told Eve, so I thought we should ask him what he thinks about that.
Hawk: very good idea indeed! Do you know why the Pope said that?
Goose: he warned against the proliferation of fake news in social medias, calling them “snake techniques” inciting people to act against their best interests, and manipulating their beliefs.
Hawk: well Snake, here you are in the hot seat. What do you have to say about this?
Snake: just that a news is a news; true or false is only a matter of convention, because what is true for me is not necessarily true for others.
Goose: oh the clever sophist! Your lies have meant the end of Paradise for humans, and many changes for the rest of the creation, don’t you feel guilty?
Hawk: someone that creates fake artworks,  even if they are real artworks, remains a crook because he abuses  people credulity.
Snake: what information people choose to believe is what they want to believe and in this sense, everyone is credulous because no one believes something fake. All I did was tell Eve what she wanted to hear, so it was true for her, how should I feel guilty for reinforcing her thoughts?
Goose: you knew that you were lying!

Hawk:  and you knew what would happen to her!
Snake: I told her she would gain knowledge and that’s what happened. Look at what humans know now thanks to me.
Goose: you didn’t tell her the price she would have to pay for this knowledge!
Hawk: pushing people to do what they want and hiding the harmful consequences of their actions is to use them for selfish ends.
Snake: my friends, you mix the news and their sometimes negative consequences. What I said to Eve was true, what she decided to do was maybe a mistake, but I’m not responsible.
Goose: you knew what you were doing.
Hawk: you wanted to get rid of her, that’s what you told the Deer.
Snake: the fact remains that she herself made the decision to listen to me and that I didn’t force her …
Hawk: so the Pope wrongly accused you and he should have blamed Eve instead?
Goose: don’t tell us you don’t understand what he meant.
Snake: you, like him, think that the truth is universal whereas it is only a provisional consensus. History proves it a thousand times, the truth of a day is the mistake of tomorrow. The Pope believes what he said, but it doesn’t make his word true. It all depends on who is listening.
Goose: your reasoning is very specious.
Hawk: to hear you, nothing would ever be true or false, but always dependent on the listener.
Snake: what you call a fake painting is a real one for the one that bought it, and it stays genuine until you prove it wrong. Have you questioned the motives of those who break his belief? There are no worse egoists than those who believe they are doing good.
Goose: that’s where you are wrong, Snake. True and false are from the start based on evidence or non-evidence. The painting is a fake not because it’s not a painting, but because the one who made it masqueraded as someone else.
Hawk: it may be that in your case, the Pope didn’t take a good example, but his appeal remains valid because one cannot knowingly blur the truth; it has consequences for actions and it defines a hierarchy of values ​for acts and people that can become very unsettling if no one cares. A society needs consensus to function and that’s what truth gives.
Snake: I have only suggested to Eve that she could take a specific path. A new one. Out of the consensus, if you want, but full of possibilities. It’s too easy to say I’m the culprit. I was wrongly accused, that’s the problem.
Goose: poor Snake!
Hawk: you’d almost make us cry, if it wasn’t for your rhetoric at work.
Snake: dear Goose and Hawk, the Pope is right in pointing out that at all times there has been what he should have called contradictory truths. What he didn’t say is that they make it possible for people to define who they are according to whether they follow one truth or another. That is why they exist: they offer choices that will delineate personalities and path to follow.
Goose: so nothing new?
Hawk: and you could be a hero?
Snake: thank you for saying it for me!

One thought on “The Pope, fake news, and Snake”

  1. Once again the snake is seen as cruel or devious, when instead he is the one who could remind us that change is always possible. Snake comes from deep with in the Earth. Snake leaves behind his old skin. He is not afraid of the transformation that has taken place on the outside of his body as he grows. As humans we are in a crisis of survival because of the damage we have inflicted on our home,. Snake wisdom tells us, we don’t have to behave as we have in the past, but we can find new skins, which actually are the old skins of our ancestors who lived long, long ago with a deep love and concern for the Earth.

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