Hawk: hello Goose, you’re back, where did you travel?

Goose: to Oklahoma, Hawk, to Oklahoma, as usual.

Hawk: did you see Heron?

Goose: yes, and he told me he would come back soon; he was waiting for us to leave first.

Hawk: are the roads congested ?!

Goose: have fun, Hawk, but don’t you know that if everyone was leaving at the same time, it would jeopardize the amount of food and space?

Hawk: I guess so, Goose, I guess so. You, geese, don’t fly very high and you are vegetarian so the competition is tough at your level.

Goose: you fly high, Hawk, but it’s easier to eat grass than to catch mice, so we have nothing to envy you.

Hawk: I grant you  that, but why not stay here as I do now? With humans and the changes they introduce, it becomes easier to remain in one place.

Goose: it’s true, but I’m not well equipped for snow and freezing temperature, and I would not want give up travelling. Did you see the geese that stay around, they are becoming obese, and you too if you’re not careful. I don’t want to be anything else than a wild goose, so I travel.

Hawk: obese, me, are you kidding? I’m thinner than you! And you don’t know how the seasons change the ponds and the forest around here, you never stays long enough to see it.

Goose: it’s true, Hawk, it’s true, but the change I seek is elsewhere.

Hawk: there is travel in time and travel in space. For me, staying in one place is now a sufficient change.

Goose: I had never considered travel that way.

Hawk: are you convinced, will you stay?

Goose: not, to understand is not necessarily to accept.

Hawk: I like your sassiness, and I have an idea for you: what would you say to look critically at the noises coming from humans? You would bring what you have heard, I would give my point of view.

Goose: would it be a temporary collaboration?

Hawk: yes, when you’re here, unless you know how to use Skype, of course!

Goose: you mean, to do this remotely?

Hawk: yes, that’s right, but I don’t want to be pushy so take your time, think about it, and we’ll talk. Okay?

Goose: ok! I don’t promise you anything, but it’s an interesting idea.

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