Dead leaves and Turtles don’t agree with the Hawk and Goose show, yet they cannot censor it,so they decide to create one show of their own to give a voice to reason.

Turtles: Dead Leaves, have you heard the second-last show of Goose and Hawk?

Dead leaves: about the rights of rivers in India?

Turtles: yes, that’s the one. What do you think?

Dead leaves: still the same, Turtles. They’ll bring us trouble by commenting on human affairs, but as no one listens to us, so much the worse. We cannot be more dead than we are, anyway!

Turtles: but haven’t you seen that their reasoning is wrong? They wonder whether it’s necessary to be human to have rights when the very idea of ​​rights is a notion invented by mankind.

Dead leaves: we don’t understand your speeches, Turtles, but if you criticize Goose and Hawk, that’s enough for us. In the absence of censorship, we should make a broadcast of our own to challenge their statements and show everyone that not all animals or plants think alike.

Turtles: it’s a great idea, my friends. Do you want to do it with us?

Dead leaves: it’ll be a good pastime:  you’ll bring the contradictions, we’ll ask you to explain them in detail so that everyone understands, even us. It should work. For example, what do you mean by rights?

Turtles: the idea of ​​right doesn’t exist in the plant or animal kingdom because everyone accepts the place it has  been assigned, and the consequences that it implies. Even you who often complain. It’s life.

Dead leaves: it’s mainly because there’s always something to do, and what happens happens.

Turtles: that’s the idea. We are, we live, we don’t want to be anything else. Why then claim rights when we understand that everything that happens has a meaning?

Dead leaves: it’s like we were asking to live again when our time is over; is it what you mean?

Turtles: exactly. The idea of ​​rights presupposes an imbalance, but the imbalance doesn’t exist in nature, so it’s a human invention.

Dead leaves: because humans want to control nature.

Turtles: you’re right. That said, how are we going to find the material we need for our show?

Dead leaves: we must ask Snake. For a price, he or his shadowy friends will get us anything.

Turtles: we can offer him frogs. Do you think it would work?

Dead leaves: no doubt, he likes them. We’ll contact him through the Deer when they  cross the Outer-Reaches at night to come and eat the vegetables of the Manor.

Turtles: so it’s true! We had heard the locals complaining about it, but we never saw the deer. We sleep at the bottom of the water when they come.

Dead leaves: us, we never sleep so when they come, we’ll ask them.

Turtles: excellent! Our daily meditations will finally be revealed to all. How are we going to call the show?

Dead leaves: “The voices of reason”? As we are counting on you to enlighten us and put things back in place in the face of the Goose and Hawk errors.

Turtles: again a very good idea, Dead leaves. It looks like we are already a winning team!

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