Stick asks Angel how he can claim to be the guardian of all and justify the evils of the world. In some cases, does he protect the victims or the bad guys? There follows a tight theological discussion.

Stick: eh, here you are, Angel, I was looking for you.

Angel: I am always with you, Stick, you should know that.

Stick: you tell me you are always with me,  yet you don’t protect me! That’s what I wanted to talk about.

Angel: you are not happy because things did not go as you wished?

Stick: yes, you’re right, why didn’t you do anything? I have a Guardian Angel who does not help me!

Angel: you don’t know what your life would be if I was not around…

Stick: oh, this is a really easy answer!

Angel: yet it is what ‘s happening: I make sure everything goes smoothly for you, even if you do not always see it, or if you do not always understand it.

Stick: so when something bad happens to me, it ‘s positive? You want to make me believe some nonsense, but you are smart, it’s true, I admit it. The troubles I have one day are often beneficial in the long term. They steer me in a direction that I would have not taken without them, as I did not like it at first, then I come to see it was advantageous after all.

Angel: see, you already know the answer! What else do you want me to tell you? If you trusted me, you ‘d know that everything is for the best in your world, and what you call headaches are only passages that require patience.

Stick: let’s say it works for me,  but what do you say to those who lose their children in a terrorist attack, for example? Everything is for the best for them? For their children? The terrorists were protected by their Guardian Angels? It does not make sense!

Angel: the bad guys are those who have not found their Guardian Angels, it’s as simple as that. They do not let themselves be guided by their hearts. We can only act if we have free rein, and we cannot stop evil. This is one of our limitations. The victims of these villains are innocent, however,  and therefore they will be rewarded in the afterlife.

Stick: innocents but victims, this is stupid, and your explanations are not convincing. You’re telling me that what happened to the victims is best for them, but in another life. How do you want me to accept this?

Angel: you don’t accept it because you don’t understand who I am. I can’t protect yourself from others, I can just guide you toward the best.

Stick: so the victims were poorly guided, they had sleepy or irresponsible Guardian Angels, is that what you mean?

Angel: you don’t understand, Stick. There are forces with which it is very difficult to fight, and I cannot protect you against everything, otherwise you’d be eternal, and eternally happy. This is not possible.

Stick: so what ‘s your purpose? I have to believe in yourself, but you cannot give me any assurance that you protect me!

Angel: I protect you and I guide you as much as I can, and especially as much as you let me do. This is why believing in a Guardian Angel brings you valuable assistance if you ask sincerely. But do as you like, and see what suits you best. You would like to have certainties where they cannot exist.

Stick: you are a master in rhetoric, Angel!

Angel: it’s more like we are not talking the same language, Stick!

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