Stick: Woman-tree, I’m coming back to you with a heavy heart, as I believe you lied to me.

Woman-tree: lied? Me? Why? In general, it is to me that one lies.

Stick: you told me that if my intentions were pure, I would win the heart of the woman I love, but I now see  it won’t happen.

Woman-tree: Stick, I’m not a psychic, and I don’t know if your intentions are really pure, but what happened?

Stick: I wanted to do something that I like with her, but she refused. I thought she would share with me something she likes, but she did not.

Woman-tree:  did she say something definitive?

Stick: no, but I see that I bother her, and she’s not like she was with me before; it hurts my heart.

Woman-tree: oh, you see things! Why do you need to talk to me if you see things? I don’t know her,  but you may be suddenly asking too much. What kind of wood is she made of?

Stick: a very fine and very straight one.

Woman-tree: they are the most beautiful and the most fragile. She probably wants to protect herself, and she’s right, that’s what I should have done a long time ago. You think that for us the matters of the heart are as clear and simple as they are for you, but you’re wrong. We must weigh our options, see the consequences, decide whether it will be suitable or not.

Stick: should I try not to see her?

Woman-tree: if you’re willing to do it, do it. It will give her time to think about what is happening, and see if you respect her independence.

Stick: but why was she so kind with me before?

Woman-tree: it could just be that she likes to please, but now that she knows it worked well with you, she wonders if she wants to go further. Take the risk not to show your affection, and see if she miss you. You will also see if you miss her.

Stick: it is so complicated and so difficult! Love should only be joy.

Woman-tree: you are naive, Stick. Love cannot be smooth sailing otherwise it would be boring. There are back-and-forth, steps forward and steps back, and it’s not so simple for us to engage and trust. We have more to lose than you. The female mind is a good judge of the heart, and she knows what she does, don’t worry. If you’re enjoying each others, this will eventually be clear, otherwise you will know that this was an illusion.

Stick: I think I’m going to pray! I don’t see what else I could do!

Woman-tree: for that, you have to go and see Angel, but I’m not sure he will be of great help!

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