References: BBC article, Oct 24th, 2016, Yoga pants letter to editor prompts Rhode Island parade.

Goose: Hawk, what about talking yoga today?

Hawk: don’t you want to talk about Dead Leaves and Turtles that tried to ban us from having this show?
Goose: no, we agreed we would deal with world news, not Domain news.

: ok, you’re right. Nobody wanted to listen to them anyway, so the matter is closed. Back to yoga, then.

Goose: well, a man in the USA wrote that old or big women should avoid wearing yoga pants outside yoga classes.

Hawk: ho, it’s not about yoga but about aesthetics. Tell me, was he looking for trouble, this man?

Goose: in any case, it triggered an outcry from some women who felt vindicated in their right to dress as they please.

Hawk: it’s always difficult for a man to express his ideas when it comes to a woman and what he has to say is not a compliment.

Goose: Hawk, you seem to have some experience in the matter.

Hawk: I know that sometimes I should keep quiet, but I can’t help it when I think that what I have to say will help.

Goose: does it work?

Hawk: no, never. Not right away anyway. Right away, it’s war, and it’s only later that things get better.

Goose: when the woman has had time to reflect and you made amends?

Hawk: yes, that’s right. Do you think that’s what’s going to happen in this case?

Goose: I don’t know. Humans are increasingly attached to their prerogatives, and less and less inclined to compromise. Everyone sticks to his or her positions.

Hawk: you mean that between being polite to respect differences or frank to express one’s individuality, or between being free of one’s choices or making efforts to please, there is no longer a middle term, is that right?

Goose: yes, that seems an adequate summary of  the situation. They want everything without yielding anything, and its puts them in difficult situations because they don’t accept the idea that life in a community means restrain.

Hawk: they can ignore each other, it will avoid conflicts!

Goose: yes, but if everyone stays in its bubble in order to avoid being upset, don’t you think that’s the end of society ?

Hawk: they will reproduce less and it will be good for us.

Goose: Hawk, you are cynical but you may be right.

Hawk: see, long live the yoga pants!

Goose: I don’t think we will please the Dead Leaves and Turtles with this conclusion!

Hawk: ha, I knew you wanted to talk about them! Once again, it will depend on what they want to remember from our speeches, as always, and as was the case in your story.

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