A cup of coffee

As a cup of coffee can sometimes mean so much that it’s not a cup of coffee anymore but a life changing decision, be careful of your timing!

Red: How about a cup of coffee?

Green: I don’t think it’s a good time

As usual, Red was moving to fast


Encouraged by what he thought were positive vibrations toward him, Red decided he should suggest a date the next time he had a chance. The idea of going out with her at his side was exhilarating, even if nothing more would happen between them. He could not wait to walk alongside her, look at the way she was turning her head toward him when speaking, hear her laughing and telling him stories about her.

When hearing him asking her out, Green cursed herself for having been too friendly too early, even though she had been very careful not to. Men were always the same it seems, hasty in their decisions, surely driven by desire -even though they pretended otherwise, and never considerate enough of others. She was far from ready to be seen with him, and she hated the fact that he had come to talk to her when she was with colleagues. He would have to wait much longer and be much more tactful if he wanted to have a chance with her. Assuming he could ever have one, of course. Why had he done that? What should she do now?

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