A difficult start

A difficult start can have many reasons: emotions too strong, mistrust, bad previous experiences, shyness, surprise, caution… At least, it’s a start.Red: Can I talk to you?
Green: What for?
Green was meeting Red efforts with a lot of resistance

Red had not yet managed to hear Green speak, and he was getting desperate. She was looking at him, she was sometimes smiling at him, but she was not answering him. He thought he had to push more, and be more direct.

Whether it was a good idea or not remains an open question. For sure, Green answered him, but she was not encouraging him a lot. He was making clear he wanted to know her more, but was she interested or not, he could not decide yet.

On her side, Green could have not answered this question either. She was afraid of any commitment she could make, she thought she needed time to reflect, she was unsure of what she should do, things were suddenly very complicated. That was the story of her life, basically.

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