A disastrous opportunity

An opportunity that seems a gift from the sky often turns out to be a disastrous one when the stars are not correctly aligned.

Red: (I am so close to her)
Green: (I am so uncomfortable)
Red had problems reading Green’s mood 


It happened one day by chance. There were having a lunch buffet offered by the firm when Red saw that Green was last in line. He quickly got behind her, thinking it was a really nice feeling to be close enough to her to be able to pretend they were a couple. It would also offer him a good opportunity to have a few innocent words with her about the food. 

Green froze when she felt his presence, then she thought she had to leave, she had to go, he was making her very nervous et very uncomfortable, she did not want him to do or say anything to her. She did not grab any food, she did not looked at him or acknowledged his presence, she went away.  

What had started as an nice opportunity quickly ended in a disaster. 

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