A good plan

A good plan is often a plan that’s good for the one suggesting it and not that good for the one being suddenly asked to join it.

Red: Can you help me?
Green: No, not interested
Even though she was usually kind, Green was making sure Red understood he had to keep his distance

Thinking that friends are supposed to help each others, Red hatched what he thought a good plan in which they would do something together, and work as a team. It would give them a chance to talk more. He was very happy with his idea, and he looked forward to her answer.

If Green had been surprised by his first moves, she was even more surprised by this one. He really did not understand anything, did he? Why were men always so eager to embark her in unknown territory? She could have eventually considered a one night stand with him under different circumstances, and at another point in their relationship, but the whole story was going in a direction she had not envision before, and she did not like to be surprised and to take hasty decisions.

This time, she went against her upbringing and good manners, and rebuffed him. She was getting tired of having to find ways to rebuff him, however, and it was becoming very uncomfortable.

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