A kind of premonition

It happens we say something we think is true only to realize later that the truth of it is much larger than what we first thought. It’s a kind of premonition.

Red: You are crushing me 
Green: (oh yes, then wait until you see my next move) 
Sometimes, the worst is still to come 


Red knew Green was upset, yet he did not know how he could reverse the course of action. He thought he had treated her with all the kindness he could muster, but she was rejecting him all the time. He had spent a real bad night after their last encounter, then a real bad day, then another real bad night, then another real bad day, so when he finally got a chance to tell her what was going on inside him, he did not hesitate. He should have stayed quiet much longer anyhow, but he had yet a lot to learn.   

Green had managed to calm herself enough to forgive him, but when she heard him reproaching her her attitude, it was much more she could endure. She was still recovering from their last talk, and he had no idea how perturbed she had been. They were not in a relationship, he had no right to talk to her that way. In fact, he HAD to stop.

Later in the day, she wrote him an email telling him she would contact HR to file a complaint against him if he was not stopping bothering her, and suddenly, she felt relieved knowing it was over.


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