A nice dress

A nice dress is often all a woman needs to be and feel pretty, but it can trigger reactions she didn’t foresee, and to which she has to react quickly.

Red: nice dress!
Green: (are you kidding me?)
Red had read that compliments were the best way to a woman heart.


It happened without Red really planning it. She was really pretty, she was always pretty in fact, but this day she was even prettier than usual, so he suddenly felt like telling her what he thought. Not exactly what he thought though. The dress was nice, for sure, but he was not a very good judge for dresses, it was more like an impression he had. What was beautiful was her wearing the dress, her radiance, her posture, her femininity, even though he was quite sure she would have been beautiful without it too. He could not say it so bluntly however, he had just felt a little bolder than usual this morning, and he was glad he had had the gut to talk to her, whatever the consequences.

Green was taken aback, and could not reply to his remark. She was torn between getting angry for his intrusion on her privacy, and getting flattered by his compliments. The dress itself was nothing, just a piece of cloth she had found in a second-hand boutique, and she had even hesitated to put it on her this morning. She liked the color though, and she had noticed he was wearing more or less the same color the day before, so she had wondered if he would notice. Well, that was a bit more than what she had expected, and she did not like his frankness. He could surely use better manners. Yet it was nice of him to compliment her.

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