A poem for Green

I went through your hometown the other day and there was this little girl running on a wall  

Playing with her friends  



And I said to myself  

       How were you when you were her age?  

      Were you running on walls  

                    the long way home?  

      Enjoying life with your bright smile?  

               Or were you the serious type

              The type I can see sometimes when you have work to do?  

                       And your ponytail,  

                      Did you start having it at that time?  

There are so many things about you that I do not know  

and so many things I would like to discover  

Will we be together one day?   

I went through your hometown and I said to myself  

I’d like to have children with you  

Red was again feeling the need to write, yet he knew it was somehow an exercise in futility. He had many things to tell her, yet no way of doing it. If she was attracted to him, as he still thought she was, they would find communicate again, yet when would that be? A lot of “yet” to deal with, and not much real hope.  


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