A time to reflect

Taking time to reflect is never a waste of time, especially when some friends are around to offer their thoughts.

Red: What did I do?

Black: Who knows?

Green: (He will never learn)

Red was beginning to have second thoughts – Green was confident she was right

As he was wondering if his impressions about Green were reliable, Red went and seek advice from a friend. He did not get a lot however, just the confirmation that women were mysterious and unpredictable, and that he was not the only one experiencing their ways. That was better than nothing he supposed. Had he been stupid, ridiculous, inappropriate, that was not obvious. He was acting as he thought he should act and it did not seem to be wrong, at least not in someone else eye. That was mainly the answer he was seeking, so he decided he should try again, only in a different manner.

Green was not even looking at him anymore. She knew she was thinking of him regularly, but she did not know whether it was because he made her think about him or because he was interesting. She had to be able to think things clearly, and she would never be able to do so if he was always around, always asking, always troubling her. How could she make him behave differently, understand that she wanted a break. She knew she was ready for more than a casual encounter, but she did not know if it was with him, or if he was only the one pushing her to evaluate her desires. In any case, she would not go out with him at this time. That was not how she wanted to act.

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