A walk in the wild

As many have said before, going for a walk in the wild is often a good way to manage to think more clearly when in doubt.


Green went for a walk in the wild and found two stones on her path. She didn’t remember having seen them before, but here they were, old stones with half erased hearts. She couldn’t read what was written on them, not clearly at least, but someone must have been in love, that was  sure.

She knew the area had been a slave plantation a long time ago, had the stone been carved during that period? Was love something that made you free, let you forget about your loneliness, or was it another form of imprisonment? She sometimes enjoyed thinking about Red, but not this particular and particularly annoying Red, an ideal Red that she was not seeing yet. She knew he would influence her life forever if he was to appear, but was she ready for that? Would she ever want to renounce her freedom for the dubious satisfaction of being with someone, and having to always do stuff with this someone?

Of course she was tempted, if only to see how it could be, but she did not forget that her parents had divorced, inflicting her pain she still felt sometimes. Her grandmother had told her to take her time, and that’s what she would do. She had to make sure she was picking the right one, and if she was to live with someone forever, a few months of waiting would not make a big difference, but it could help her be sure about her decisions.

As always, it had been a good idea to go for a walk. Nature had a calming effect on her, and let her think more clearly.

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