Advice from friends

We often know which friends we should go and seek advice from when we need an answer we’ll like. There the ones that’ll confirm what we thought.

Green: You know what he did?

Black: They are all the same, but there are laws now…

Red: (It does not look good)

Green was seeking advice, Red should have done the same.

Green was still feeling angry. Nothing was going as smoothly as she thought it should. She had made sure she was nice but distant, polite but reserved, but he did not understand anything about her, and they were not even in a relationship yet. It was a sure sign they could never be, and that she should stop even looking at him. When her friend heard her, she thought the same thing, especially because she had had problems of her own in the past. She told Green she could go and see her supervisor and tell him someone was bothering her, or at least told Red she would do that if he was too pushy. I am sure he will stop after that, she said, and Green thought it could be a good way out. If she really wanted a way out, though. She had to think about it first.

When Red saw them talking, he sensed they were talking about him, and he sensed it was not in a friendly manner. He could not have said why, the way there were looking at him perhaps, the way Green was acting. It was a strange sensation, and he did not like it that much. He often had waves of sensation when she was around; sometimes they were beautiful and warm, sometimes they were cold and defiant, like she was talking to him in a way that was her own. It was the only way she was talking to him anyway, but it could not really be considered talking, could it?

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