After a mistake

Knowing you made a mistake doesn’t always mean you know why, yet should you always try to get an explanation after it happened?

Red: Did I make a mistake?

Green: YES

When Green is mad, Red is sad


Red had to know what was going on with her, and that was the problem with him, he always had to know and to understand, he could not accept things as they were without questioning why they were as they were, so he talked to her again, and perhaps against any good sense.

Green tensed when she saw him. She had clearly ignored him when he had entered the room, yet he was talking to her, and pushing her to answer. She didn’t like to be rude, though, and she didn’t really want to be rude with him, so she put a good face and to her great surprise, it went relatively well.

He was annoying, but touching too. He seemed really sorry and clueless, and she ended up spending  much more time talking to him that she thought she would. He had quite interesting stories and his takes on life were funny when he was not trying to flirt with her. If only he could always be like that!

That’s when she suggested they could keep their relation on a strictly friendly level, even though she somehow wondered it is was a good idea.

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