To amaze

To amaze a woman can seduce her, yet it’s always better to know her a little bit beforehand, unless you want to really seem weird.Red: Do you like garlic?
 Green: (Is he mad?)
Red was trying to strike a conversation with Green

Not having gotten the results he was hoping for, Red decided to change tactic. He had read somewhere that you gain the heart of a woman if you amaze her and make her smile, so he had had a good idea. At least he thought it was a good idea.

When she heard him for the second time, Green was clever enough to hide her feelings. She thought he was weird. It was not necessarily bad, she liked originality, yet she had difficulties deciding how he was, and what she should do. She wondered if she could have been mistaken when judging him harshly at first sight, but she was not ready to acknowledge he was starting to pick her interest. As a matter of fact, she was not sure she was interested, but she was not sure either that she should close the door yet.

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