Being unprepared

There’s nothing more frustrating than being caught unprepared, especially when the situation was a golden opportunity, but it happens nevertheless.Green: Hey, what’s up?

Red: (oh my Gosh, she is speaking to me!)

Red would later cursed himself a lot  for being unprepared

Green had decided she would only slightly acknowledge Red’s presence the next time she would see him, yet she was more troubled than she thought she would be when she talked to him. As her voice faltered, she went away quickly to prevent more discomfort. Was he troubling her, or was she ashamed of her attitude toward him, she did not exactly want to know.

Red was so taken aback by her change of mind that he did not answer her as he had dreamed he would do if such an occasion ever happened. What a fool he was, what would she think now, and when such an occasion would present itself again? It was like fate was against him, but it was too late, she was gone. He should have said he was very happy to see her, that’s what he should have said if he had not been so stupid, but it came to him only later.

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