Engraved signs of love

Engraved signs of love: you see them on tables, benches, walls, trees, and they always carry the hopes of at least one of the engraver.


Being disturbed by what was going on inside her, Green went again for a walk. She knew of a little lean-to in the wood near a lake, a place her dad had shown her a long time ago. He had told her he used to go camping there with her mother when they were just married, and she looked for the initials he had engraved in the beams. There were still visible, with many others from people she did not know. She wondered when it would be her turn to come here with someone. Would he carve her name next to his? Men were always promising a lot, yet not often delivering, and she knew better than trusting them blindly. She wondered if she could have children too, and who would their father be? Red? She shrugged the idea away. She was much too young to think about that, and there were many things she wanted to explore before committing to that kind of life.  She was not even interested in him, anyway.   


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