Coincidences, or not?

Do coincidences happen, or is it a word we use when we don’t know how to explain things that are unexpectedly connected?

Red: (She is wearing red today!)   

Green: (He is wearing green today!)  

Somehow, they knew there were still connected  


One day, fed up to try to ignore her, Red decided to wear green clothes to see if she would notice. That same day, she was wearing red ones. Was it a coincidence? Had she had the same idea as him? That would have been wonderful, the sure sign they were still in relation, yet he could not ask her, and of course he would not catch her looking at him. She surely had looked at him anyhow, he knew women had a much larger field of vision than men, yet there was no certainty. In the same fashion, he thought she had winced before quickly averting his eyes, but it was much too swift a movement to be sure it really happened.  

Green thought it was very unlikely he had put a green shirt this morning to send her a message, men did not have these kinds of ideas, yet she was surprised when she saw him from a distance. She was very good at keeping a poker face however, so her reaction went surely unnoticed, but the coincidence was bizarre. She knew she sometimes enjoyed sending subtle signs, it was a game between her and her that was making her day funnier, so she had put a little touch of red in her clothes on purpose this morning, but if he was doing the same thing, he was being annoyingly clever.  

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