Dare, or lose?

Truth, dare or lose is often a devious way to know what the other is willing to do, and it can be played in many different ways.

Red: (She is always around me)  

Green: (Is he looking at me?)  

Not knowing better, Green was still keeping her options open  


Partly because she was still curious about him, partly because she had nothing else more fun to do, Green was now being in his vicinity as much as she could. She was not talking to him, she was not looking at him, but she was around, doing her own business, pretending he was not there, trying to figure out if she was still having an impact.

Red was very disturbed by her attitude. Now that he could not approach her anymore, he was seeing her everywhere. He was always trying to catch her eyes and see what they were saying, but she was ignoring him completely. Purposely ignoring him it seemed, but making sure he knew she was around. It did not make any sense. Was she daring him to move in her direction? He would have liked to be blind to her sight, but he could not. 

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