Evolution of language

Evolution of language is not a myth but an adaption to circumstances. It sometimes happens that you experience it and that it makes you happy!

Red: you are crushing me.  Green: your conduct is very inappropriate

Red: I have a crush on you.   Blue: is it appropriate? (OMG, it’s happening)

Blue: will you crush me in your arms forever?  Green: it would be very appropriate

Sounds behind a closed door


At first sight, Blue seems a right answer for Red & Green. It looks like that anyway!

Yet is it possible that they had experienced one year of intense emotions just to forget all about it in a few weeks?

It is now your choice to decide. Did they had to go through all they went through to reach an happy ending, or is Blue just another chapter in their love quest? Can they really forget they never went further than thinking about going further, and will they be forever satisfied with someone else?

As only time will give them an answer, let’s wish them luck. It’s all they need after all, isn’t it?

Like you, for that matter.  Like all of us.


Dominique Lecomte, March 2015-December 2017


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