Green’s disturbing thoughts

An innocent walk in a forest can lead to disturbing sights when you dream about passion, and it can generates thoughts you didn’t know you had.

One day when having a stroll in her preferred forest, Green realized her mind was making her see things she would have never noticed before. She knew that as much as she fought the idea of having sex with him, her body was telling her stories of hot embraces she liked and despised at the same time. She wanted to caress and be caressed, to kiss and be kissed, she dreamed of feeling him inside her, yet she also rejected the idea as too disturbing. Who was she, who was this woman she hardly recognized, and somehow secretly aspired to become? There were dangers of walking alone in a forest with her thoughts unchecked that were quite different from the ones she would have thought of at first, that was obvious –and she had to smile in spite of herself when struck by this idea! 


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