Hearts everywhere!

Hearts are surely not everywhere, why would they be? But we suddenly notice there are many of them here and there when our own heart beats faster than usual! 


She hated to admit it, but Green had started to think about Red each time she saw a heart, and she was seeing them everywhere. It was like the world was sprouting them all around her. It was very annoying. Why was he doing that to her, she did not know, and she did not even think he was interesting. She meant, she was pretty sure he was boring and full of himself and not considerate and mainly interested in having sex. Why else would he want to talk to her, he did not know anything about her, there were not working in the same department, they had no way of sharing anything neutral like papers to fill out, decisions to be made, clients to email. There was no way of knowing him except accepting to go out with him and find out who he was, but that was out of the question. She wanted love, not lust, she wanted him to be nice, polite, respectful, funny, clever, but he was just stupidly staring at her when he was seeing her, and it was unnerving. Where was love, how could you recognize it, who could tell her? There were hearts everywhere, but no user manual, and she was starting to avoid being in his vicinity during lunch time. She needed to eat normally and take good care of herself. Not that she did not feel good losing a few pounds easily, as it had been the case since seeing him, but she did not like the idea of not being in charge of her decisions.


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