Ignoring clues

 We often see only what we want to see, and by doing that, we are ignoring clues that could make us feel better, or change our mind.

Red: (she is ignoring me)

Green: (I like when he is around)

Perceptions can be deceiving


After just a few days of trying, Red realized it was very difficult to ignore her, and even more difficult to feel ignored by her. He understood that it was putting him in a really bad situation, but he had no control on his emotions, and he did not know what to do. Why was love so complicated, why had he fallen in love with her in the first place, why was life so unfair? He just wanted to be with someone, it did not matter if it was her or not after all, but he now had her in his mind all the time and he could not change that, even if she obviously did not want to be with him. What was going to happen?

Green was feeling better now that he was keeping his distance. She liked to see him close to her, but not too close, to know he was looking at her and surely thinking about her. She believed he had suddenly understood she wanted time to sort things out, and she was grateful he had. He still seemed sad, though, but there were many reasons he could be, and none of them had to be related to her. Could things finally go in the direction she was hoping they would go one day?


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