Red & Green are looking for a soul mate, but are they meant to be together or is their story just a prelude to better future encounters?

This story has been originally published on Tumblr on a weekly basis from January 2014 to March 2015, under the title The Red, Green, and Blue Story. It had  EDM tunes in between most episodes, and they are still on Tumblr.

Here, the tracks have been deleted, the episodes have been put back in chronological order for better reading, some have been deleted as the didn’t add anything to the story, and some changes have been made to the texts so they are fluider. Yet each episode can still be read independently and in any order, as each one address a specific question.

The idea is to make you smile, travel, and wonder. Smile as Red & Green are funny in their thoughts, hesitations, and mistakes, travel has it should take you back to some experiences or places you surely explored yourself, wonder as you’ll have a chance to ponder whether we intuitively know what’s love or if we always have to learn it the hard way.

In any case, happy reading!

Dominique Lecomte, December 2017 for the 2nd edition of this story.