It’s difficult to please!

It’s difficult to please someone you don’t know well. It means your choices are not always the right ones!

Red: (Will she notice my new haircut?)  
Green: (What did he do with his hair?)
Red new look was not as efficient as planned  


Green had to repress a laugh when she saw him with hair much shorter than she was used to. After the new clothes, she guessed he was trying to find a new personality, but as far as his hairtcut was concerned, he had still some progress to do. It would grow up again, thanks God! But he was going to look silly for a while.  

Red was quite happy with his new look, and he hoped she would like it too. He did not know whether it would help him achieve his goals, but he had discovered that he liked to experiment with new styles, and he knew he could thank her for that. If it was the only thing she would do for him, it was better than nothing. Not as good as what he would have liked, but what else could he do?  


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