Linked the wrong way

We are sometime linked by what separates us, a wrong way link that’s not at all what we were hoping for, and that makes for difficult situations.

Red: (I have to make sure I do not meet her anymore) 

Green: (I have to make sure I do not meet him anymore) 

Once again, Red and Green were in unison 


To pretend the other was not around, to change direction, to turn their head as soon as the other one was around was far from the end of the story they had imagined, or hoped, it would be. By thinking how to avoid each other’s, they had to think a lot about each other. Green thought he would not bother her anymore, yet it was only true to a certain extend. Red thought he could forget her, yet it was like she had made sure he never would.  

As it was, they were locked in an impossible situation, and in a way, whatever would happen later, they were locked forever together. Was it what love was supposed to be?  

Green was still thinking she was a very cool girl, but not as much as she thought she was. Red was still a quite daring guy, but he was not as sure as before it was a good thing. Is it possible that they had learned something? Would it bear fruits one day? Was it just a prelude for what was going to happen? 

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