When two people feel lucky to know each other, it’s often for different reasons, but as they are different anyway, reason matters less than the state of their emotions.

(I like hearing him talking)

(Her eyes are so blue)

 They felt lucky to be together

After a while, Blue understood that Red was becoming much more than a friend. She was looking forward to her time with him, and locking eyes with him much longer than would have strictly been necessary. He had many stories to share, and he was different from the guys she knew in a way she thought quite interesting. In fact, she never thought the time would go so quickly, and she was wondering what would happen once she would have to leave. For that reason, she did not want to become too involved with him, yet she could not resist the pleasure of being with him.

Red never thought someone could make him forget Green so quickly. He had not forgotten her, of course, if only because he always had to be careful not meeting her in the hallways, yet he had someone else to think about, someone much kinder and affectionate. He did not know if he could fall in love with her, yet he knew she had wonderful clear eyes, and he did not wish to harm her in any way. Being next to her was calming and reassuring, he was hoping she would stay a long time with him, much longer than what had been planned.

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