Meet Green Nitouche

Meet Green Nitouche. She does not know yet that Red wants to know her. She has noticed him however, but dismissed him quickly.Green: (Don’t look at me that way. It makes me uncomfortable)


As a general rule, females are very good at noticing when they arouse desire in a male, and they are the ones telling them subtly they are ready to breed. Their next step is to leave these male fight and do their courtship in order to be able to pick a winner. Keep them interested, but don’t give them anything definitive for a while.

When it comes to humans, though, what looked like easy from a distance becomes a very complicated task involving education, trends, previous experiences, personal goals and the advice of friends, to cite just a few variables. Here too, chemistry should help but who wants to be just like an animal and get pregnant too soon, jeopardizing many options and other outcomes?

How will Green play her cards, you’ll have to read the story to find out.

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