Meet Red Granbandi

Meet Red Granbandi. He has seen Green, but he has not talked to her yet. She troubles him a lot.

Red: Hi, I’m Red, nice to meet you

As a general rule, when they see a female they are attracted to, males tend to lose all good sense, provided of course they had some beforehand. The female become a prize they have to win and it’s going to consume a lot of their time and energy.

In the wild, each species has its own mating ritual and the process seems long but pretty straightforward.

When it comes to humans and their different cultures, it’s another story. The goal is still to appear a pretty good match for possible breeding, but the rules are fuzzy, and even when you think chemistry would help, social norms and good timing interfere.

Will Red navigate these troubled waters correctly? See for yourself in the coming episodes.

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