If you go through a metamorphosis when being with someone, and feel you are finally yourself, it could mean you found what you were looking for.

Blue: Do you have a preferred hang-out where we could have a drink?

Green : No, but let’s find one together

 True to herself, Green was taking the lead back


After a while, Blue thought he should push his luck with Green, and he asked her out. He had realized she was not shy after all, and could even be quite daring and fun, so he enjoyed her presence much more than what he thought would be the case at the beginning. In fact, he was not sure anymore he was the one in charge. She seemed to have a way to make him do what she wanted, and he liked it.

Green was having fun with Blue, he was easy to manipulate and she did not feel threatened by whatever he could do or say. She knew she would stay in control, and she never had to second guess his moves. It was a lot less disturbing than being around Red, and she did not mind getting more and more involved with him. She even hoped Red would know about it, it would send him a clear message his time was over. Suddenly, her life was becoming much easier to handle, and she was feeling relieved she did not have to think about Red anymore.

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