Mimicry as a plan

Mimicry is a technique used by some animals to escape predators. In humans, it could signify shared interests. That’s was the plan anyway. 

Red: (let’s put green earphones and see what she does)
Green: (tomorrow, I’ll put red earrings)
Red and Green explore further the art of silent communication

Red waited for her to come in the room where he was, then he put the green earphones he had found the day before. He had seen she had a very tiny green earring in her left lobe, and he wanted to tell her he liked it. It was a stretch, yet he again got the impression she again slightly gave a start when she saw him. It was very unnerving to never be sure, but it was looking it would be the way things would be with her, until something more telling happened one day, perhaps.

Wanting to know whether the changes she had noticed in him was related to her or not, Green had decided to wear a green earrings and see if it would trigger a reaction on his part. He seemed to be much more complex and sensible than she had thought he was at first, and it was intriguing. Who was he really? When she saw him putting green earphones at her sight, she knew they were playing in the same field, and she felt naked. It was both disturbing and titillating. Would it work with red earrings too?

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