Forbidden questions

When you are at the beginning of a relationship, you have a lot of questions to ask, but depending on the type of relationship you have, some are forbidden.

Green: (I need to know when he is working) 

Red: (I need to know when she is working) 

Asking would have been much easier, but it was out of the question 


Green had finally had to admit she enjoyed being around Red and feeling his gaze on her. The fact he could not talk to her was quite satisfying too. She could dream about him, feel his desire, yet she had nothing to do, no decision to take. She did not think she should take a decision anyway, she had plenty of time, she had a good life on her own, he was just a nice addition. If she was slowly becoming dependent on him, it was not an addiction she thought was irreversible. It was a good way to test his seriousness. She quickly found out where he was at anytime of the day. 

Red knew he had to see her more in order to keep him in her mind, and he had no idea he was already on her mind. This knowledge would have been of little consolation to him anyway, as she was still very far from being as close to him as he wanted her to be. The only questions were, would he be able to wait much longer than what he had anticipated. Was she worth it? He did not want to consider them too long, though, it was too depressing. His only hope was to keep going in the direction he was going, and wish for the best. He had difficulties finding her schedule on the company website however. Another frustration, another challenge. 


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