Second thoughts

Hesitating means going from one position to another without being able to decide which one is best. It always generates second thoughts!

Red: (I need to work somewhere else)  

Green: (I hope he will stay)  

Green was having second thoughts   

Badly shaken by her wrath, and aware that he’d better be cautious from now on, Red made sure he wasn’t around her anymore. He couldn’t avoid meeting her unexpectedly here and there, though, and his heart was sinking a little more in his chest each time. It was impacting his ability to work, and he thought it would be better to go somewhere else. He started to send as many resumes as he could, but the state of the economy was not working in his favor. It however was keeping his mind focused on something else, and able to dream of new beginnings.  

After the first days of relief, and a suddenly improved situation at work, Green realized she was missing Red’s attention. It was disturbing. She had been sure he was an annoyance, yet now that she wasn’t seeing him anymore, she would have liked to be able to read his mind. Why had he thought she was interested in him? Why was he so taken by her? She had more questions for him now, but there was no way he could answer them. Only if he stayed longer could they perhaps one day have a second chance, once she would be more sure of herself, so she prayed a little he would stay. 

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