Talking loudly

Talking loudly is a sure way to get noticed as well as a sure way to look like a fool, but it’s not often something you can control when your emotions rule.

Red: Why is she talking so loudly?)
Green: (why am I acting like a fool?)
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Green was again perplexing Red. He had never seen her talking much, yet now he was hearing her a lot. He did not know she had so many acquaintances. He did not know she could be so friendly with so many people. He could not not hear her, and he was enjoying it, even if it meant forgetting why he had come in the room in the first place. She was enchanting him with her voice, that all he cared. How lovely she was!  

Green was hearing herself talking and she was wondering what was going on with her. Why did she have to share her life with all these people she barely knew? It was so much against her natural inclination. She knew Red was around, she was feeling very nervous thinking he was looking at her, and slightly flushed. It seemed she could not resist the urge to have him notice her, yet she was aware she was playing a dangerous game against her own volition.  If she was going on, one day she would have to go further, but would she be ready? She was stranger than she thought! 


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