The being pushy strategy

Even though it sometimes seems the best and quickest way to get a result, being pushy rarely gives you the outcome you were looking for.

Red: Can I ask you something? 
Green: Stop following me 
Once again, Red was too pushy  


Red had not understood the lunch incident. He did not understand a lot about her. Each time he thought they had reached some kind of unsaid agreement, she was changing the rules. He wanted to ask why she had left the line, why she had not taken any food, why she was acting like that, so he went  to talk to her. 


Green had a second panic attack when he opened his mouth. He was supposed not to talk to her in the 1st place, was he not? Why was he even trying? The reason for her reaction was somewhere else anyhow, somewhere in her inability to be calm around him. She did not mind that much that he had broken the rule of silence, she knew he was surely OK, he did not mean any harm, he was only interested in talking to her and know her, yet she did not trust herself to be on the level with him. He was intimidating her, she could not breathe, she could not be herself, she did not understand why, but she knew he had to leave her alone even though she was getting used to him. She needed more time to make up her mind, as incomprehensible as it could appear. 



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