The best compliments

The best compliments are the ones that come without thinking, but is it safe to bet that any compliment is better than no compliment at all?

Red: You are beautiful
Green: Oh, please, stop it!
Green did not believe Red, but she liked him saying that anyway

This time, Red complimented her on purpose. He had even looked for her the whole morning waiting for the occasion to tell her what he had planned, but it did not sound as spontaneous as he thought it would be. He nearly stumbled on the words, he was sweating too much, she was not even on her best that day and it showed. He realized he was looking like a flatterer, and it was not at all what he had had in mind. He really thought she was beautiful, but he had not chosen the right time to say it. At least she had talked to him, and she had sounded more surprised than offended.

He sometimes had the impression they already were very close to each other’s. He thought it was the sound of her voice that was triggering this idea in him.

Green did not mind a guy saying nice things to her (who would?), however he sounded too stressed to be true, not at all like the previous time, and she did not like the idea of being openly lied to. It just meant he did not really care about her as a person. What was he thinking, that she was stupid? She had to admit he was trying hard, but trying too hard was not going to help him, she was sure about that. She would have liked him to be different, easier to talk to, more predictable. She never knew how to act when he was around, and she did not know what it meant. She would have liked to tell him what to do, but it would not have been proper, so she settled for the most obvious answer in this case.

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