The call of nature

The call of nature takes different forms depending of our state of mind, but if we listen to it when thinking about love, we soon hear the screams of our desires.


When he went for a walk in the woods on a nice Sunday afternoon, thinking it would allow him to clear his mind, Red quickly realized the forest was full of her. He remembered he had written a poem asking nature to help him, but now it looked like nature was helping her too.  Wherever he was going, he was reminded of her body, and he could picture the two of them embraced in positions he had never dreamed of before. It was so unfair that she was lighting so much desire in him when he knew he had no chance to satisfy them in the near future. When would they be able to make love together, it was a question with no foreseeable answer. He could sense she would be passionate once she embraces the idea, but there still was a big gap between his dreams and the reality. 


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