The encounter

What happens when you encounter someone that will matter in your life? Do you get a sudden message in your gut, or do you stay clueless for a while?

Red; (I like this girl) 
Blue: (This guy is funny) 
Red was suddenly feeling elated

Red had decided he would never try again to befriend anyone. It was too complicated, too frustrating, too dangerous, and he just wanted to be alone.  The day he learned he would have to work with Blue to develop a project together, he was quite annoyed. She was coming from a parent company to get this project rolling, and he had never met her before. Yet when she entered his office, smiling, he liked the way she was. He soon realized she was very different from Green, much easier to talk to, and not afraid to talk to him. She came like a breath of fresh air.

Blue had never seen Red before, and had wondered how they would get along together as the project was quite an undertaking, but he made everything go smoothly from the start. He was a little reserved, but uncomplicated, direct, and relaxed. She thought it would be easy to work with him and that her time here with him would be fine. It was a relief after the worries she had had of having to commute to a new place.

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