The essence of love

Meeting someone you find attractive triggers questions and worries that you didn’t even know you could have; it looks like the essence of love.

Red: (I wonder what she is thinking)
Green: (I wonder what he is doing)
The essence of Red and Green



On the surface, things were not going very well for Red and Green. They had barely talked to each other since they had met by chance in the hallway, and they had no idea how they could proceed. Red was barely able to speak to her anyway, and he had never felt so stupid in front of a woman, not knowing what to say, feeling so much self-conscious that it was embarrassing. Green was nervous each time she was seeing him, wondering what he would do, if he would leave her in peace or go on with his pathetic attempts to engage in a normal conversation. Why was he making things so complicated? Why could they not start to be regular friends, and go from there? She had nearly come to the conclusion that he was not that bad after all, at least she could try to talk to him, but it was not working that way, and it was mainly because of his incoherent attitude. She was the reasonable one in that situation, she was sure about that, but he was acting like a fool, and it was troubling her.

At a deeper level, many things were happening, but they were not always fully aware of them. There were much closer to a strong relationship than they would have thought possible, but they were taking their marks and it would take time before it bears fruits. There was a lot at stake. It surely explains why none of them was willing to let it go, if only for different reasons.

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