The straw…

The straw that breaks the camel’s back always seems the right thing to add at the time. It’s only later that it becomes obvious it was a foolish move.

Red: I sent her a message

Black: Was it wise?

Green: (why did he do that? I have to stop him)

Red was confident he had made the right move, Green was again feeling trapped

As she had said they could still talk, but then managed to avoid him each time he was approaching her the following days, Red felt betrayed. Why was she acting that way, what had he done? The message she was sending him was very distressing, and he did not know how to take it. He thought he should write her a letter telling her what he was thinking, and how bad he was feeling when she was treating him that way. It looked like any way he was trying to approach her was a bad way, so what exactly was she thinking he was? He wanted to know her, that’s it, he thought she was interesting, funny, feminine, what was wrong with that? That’s what he wrote, but his friend was not impressed when he told him. That’s when he started to worry he had made another mistake.

When Green got his message, it was one of the worst time he could have picked. A week had been awful, she did not like what she was doing at work, she has had words with her friend, she felt miserable, and the last thing she wanted to deal with was his emotions and half veiled reproaches. She wanted to change her life, she was fed up with her situation, her routine, the goals she had once thought she would reach but seemed more and more unattainable. She needed to do something bold to reassure herself, so when, the next day, she saw him leaving his friend to go back to his work, she followed him and told him to NEVER EVER send her a message anymore, and to COMPLETELY stop talking to her. It took her 10 seconds, she didn’t falter, it was like a venomous hiss that made her feel good about herself, then she was gone.


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