Time to reflect

In a new relationship, there’s always a time to reflect on what happened in order to decide where the relationship will go. Sharing can even be better.Green: There is this guy…

Black: Did you Google him?

Red: (What are they talking about?)

Green had to share, Red was feeling excluded

This particular day, Green decided it was time to share what was happening. She had to know how others were seeing Red, just for the sake of making sure he was not someone no one would like.

As her friend was getting married soon, it was also a way to tell her that she was not without suitors herself. Not that she was jealous, of course, but a girl has always to clearly establish her situation in these occasions. It was a good way to do it.

She got good advice on top of that, even though the search she did back home in the evening came back empty.

Red saw Green talking to this woman she was often with, and he got the impression they were looking and laughing at him. Girls had a way to make men feel stupid, it was exasperating and titillating at the same time, yet he liked when she was relaxed, funny, boisterous. Besides her warm smile and the color of her eyes, it was a sign telling him they could be very close. But they still had to make the connection, and he was not sure it could be done.


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