To judge a book…

Everyone knows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, yet it’s the first thing you see when you take it and it tells you something about it, doesn’t it?

Green: (Nice clothes)  
Red: (I wonder if she likes what I bought)  

Red was not always wrong in his choices  


Feeling reinvigorated by what had happened when he had worn a green shirt, Red bought new clothes that would somehow match the kind of outfit she was usually wearing. It would tell her they had common tastes. He was not sure he was right, but he did not have many options anyhow, and he thought it could be fun. He went on a shopping spree one week-end, and strangely enough, found very easily what he was looking for. Were the stars aligned in his favor? Would it work?  

The first thing Green noticed when she saw him that day was that he had bought new clothes. She liked the colors and the style, and she wondered if he had chosen them thinking about her. It was a long shot, but who knows? He could have good taste after all, and it was a good point in his favor.  


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