The true nature of help

When you ask for help, what’s the most important? The help you’d like to get or the relationship you want to establish?

Blue: Can you help me? 

Green: Sure

To her utmost surprise, Green understood in a flash that everything could be warm and simple 


At about the same time Red met Blue, Green met another Blue, this one a temp.

From the start, he was not afraid to talk to her, to joke with her, and to share tidbits of his life when they had a break. Because he did not seem to mind her, she felt relaxed in his presence, and realized she could laugh and talk easily. It was a big relief after all the tension she had experienced with Red, so when he asked her for some help, she did not hesitate one second to say yes. 

Blue knew he was in this gig for a few weeks only, and he did not care much about what people would think of him as he had other plans for his future. Besides, most of his colleagues were boring except for Green who seemed single and was by far the sexiest of the lot. She was shy at first, but he knew how to make her laugh, and they were soon having a good time together. He thought he could even go further with her if he was playing it wisely, so he started to ask for her help and advice as often as he could. 


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